When It’s Cold Outside

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As I currently  live in a very cold part of the world currently – in Lithuania – I decided to provide you with an extremely easy recipe for a MINT TEA. 

Why mint tea? Because it is the best! First, it is keeps you warm. Second, it calms you down. Third, it puts you right to sleep. Last, but not the least, it is HEALTHY – much healthier than hot cocoa.

Mint tea is excellent when you are really tired after work, and just wanna crash into bed. Also, it will really help you to calm your nerves down. 

So here it goes!

You will need:

mint (fresh mint is better, but quite hard to get during winter, so stock up during the summer or just use the one you get from the store)
1 tsp of honey (liquid honey)
1 slice of lemon

1. Cut the mint (if it is fresh).
2. Put it in the cup, and add honey.
3. Mix it up with a spoon, and add a lemon slice (it’s better if you squeeze the lemon into the cup first)
4. Boil water and pour it into the cup.

Let the boiled water sit in a teapot for 3-4 minutes, and only then pour it into the cup. That way the mint leaves won’t lose all the flavor.

5. Stir the tea, and ENJOY!!!


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